Interview with Zia Safi on digitization

Digitalization is progressing steadily, also at Habermann Aurum Pumpen. Managing Director Zia Safi said in an interview with the international engineering magazine Easy Engineering with regard to the current situation: "During the pandemic, we are also increasingly working from our home office, but we had created the technical prerequisites for digital working long before, precisely because it is a prerequisite for our international work."



The use of digital processes is therefore not new for Habermann Aurum Pumpen, as Zia Safi goes on to explain: "In the area of knowledge management, we work with state-of-the-art hardware and software that is specially tailored to the needs of our employees*. The content is available to our global team in various languages, and communication with each other naturally also takes place in real time via text, voice and video. But of course this is standard today and has therefore long been established in our company. Our own employees therefore work worldwide in close coordination with our headquarters in Bochum on the one hand and with our customers on the other. Without the best possible technical knowledge management, implementation would not be possible." And it goes without saying that this progress is also reflected in their work: "Above all, they benefit from the ultra-modern technical equipment in planning and production. In mechanical machining, for example, we can process materials with an accuracy of 0.005 millimeters with our machines. By comparison, a human hair is 0.1 millimeters wide. That's why I always like to say that the precision of a hair is not precise enough. In design, we work with the best drawing programs based on our extensive company archive, which documents all our pump solutions over the last 100 years. This allows us, based on close communication with our customers, to draw from our wealth of experience to find the solution that most closely matches their requirement and then tailor it to their individual needs. This combination of tradition and modernity is unique. We are very proud of this." For example, Habermann Aurum Pumpen's technical office has state-of-the-art technical equipment such as its own program for planning pump systems, which also allows 3D models to be created.



In this context, it is very important to the managing director of Habermann Aurum Pumpen to also understand digitalization as a team task that wants to be shaped together: "As a traditional company, we always strive to actively shape the future, i.e. to develop modern processes ourselves instead of letting ourselves be driven by the developments of others. This is our responsibility to our history, but above all to our employees." And he continues: "Our employees are actively involved in shaping these processes; we all work on them together and on an equal footing. In my view, that's also the basis for success, because it's the competence of our employees that sets us apart in our day-to-day work, so we also have to design the further development of our business processes in such a way that they help them in practice. And we are succeeding in doing that." This is currently evident, among other things, in the further development of the in-house ERP system, which enables faster order processing and thus helps to further reduce delivery times.

However, Zia Safi responds confidently above all to the question of what developments he expects for digitization: "For me, this is a work assignment. We want to consciously shape digitization and use it to create new opportunities wherever it helps us in our work. Be it in order processing, in design or in knowledge management. So my answer is clear: digitalization will develop in a way that is good for Habermann Aurum Pumpen GmbH." 



You can read Zia Safi's entire interview with Easy Engineering magazine in English here.