APFlex Pumpenbild

A pump like a trampoline

Sounds strange, doesn't it? But it's actually quite simple to explain:

With APFlex, we have developed an innovative polyurethane that can be used to line our pumps. Because polyurethane is particularly elastic, this lining then exploits the so-called trampoline effect. They then have major advantages in terms of wear behavior compared with purely metallic cast materials, because APFlex enables the pump to be subjected to maximum stress in abrasive and corrosive media. Due to their elasticity, indentation strength and chemical resistance, materials lined with APFlex are far superior even to any highly wear-resistant cast steel for fine-grained media. We offer APFlex for processing acids, oils, stones and soils as well as with high temperature resistance. This is because we have developed APFlex in four different versions, applicable for processing at temperatures between -35 and a maximum of 130 degrees Celsius and Shore hardnesses between 75 and 90, as well as pH values from 0 to 14.

This means that in most cases, a much longer service life, i.e. operating life of the pump, can be achieved compared to cast steel.

After all, this is what we are generally known for.