Sugar industry

Sugar is extracted from plant-based raw materials, particularly the sugar beet and the sugar cane. The resulting products are called either beet sugar or cane sugar, depending on the raw material used. In both cases, complex process steps require fully developed technical and customised solutions.

In Central Europe, the so-called beet campaign generally starts in September and lasts for the subsequent 80 to 100 days. During this time, production takes place at maximum capacity and the machines used need to continue running around the clock, 24/7, without interruption.

Our highly wear-resistant and reliable armoured pumps can be used in the entire production chain, from beet washing to extraction, right up to sugar crystallisation.
Due to their robust and extraordinary wear-resistant design, our pumps fulfil the highest customer requirements in relation to efficiency, service life and easy servicing.
For these reasons, sugar producers worldwide trust our pump and materials solutions.


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