Water & Wastewater

We offer a diverse range of water pumps made from grey cast iron, bronze, stainless steel and duplex steel for:

* dry-installed horizontal normal water and wastewater pumps
* dry-installed split case pumps
* dry-installed, multi-level high-pressure pumps
* wet-installed immersion, wastewater and borehole pumps

We offer our customers the optimal solutions for water extraction from rivers, lakes, wells or pump sumps, water treatment and water processing, transport and distribution of water and wastewater, groundwater conservation and flood protection.

For wastewater treatment, supply with industrial process water, transferring grey water or producing drinking water – we supply high-performance and reliable water pumps.


Wastewater disposal and processing
Rainwater processing plants
Water supply
Watering and drainage
Water extraction
Flood protection
Pumping stations
Seawater transport
Water treatment plants