Ball valves for numerous industrial applications

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Ball valves are shut-off valves that are intended for fully blocking the propellant flow with a high degree of leak-tightness. The design and robustness allow positioning-independent alignment of the ball valve without loss of leak-tightness.
The main advantage of the ball valves is the absence of flow resistance. When using ball valves with full bore flow, the flow resistance of the valve will equate to the flow resistance of the pipe.
The high degree of leak-tightness of the ball valves is guaranteed by the sealing washers situated in the housing, which are conventionally made of elastic materials. The ball valves with a soft seal are used in media which do not contain any abrasives, with a temperature range of up to  220 °C.
The application of the unique technologies of polishing and grinding in the shut-off elements of the ball valve enables the manufacturing of the ball valves, not only with the elastic seal of the seating, but also with the impact seal.
Ball valves with a metal seal can be in operation under adverse conditions if the working medium contains abrasive particles or with extreme temperatures that the soft seals cannot cope with.
These days, the design of the ball valves is used successfully in many industries.
The ball valves differ according to different types of pipe connections:

  • Threaded ball valves
  • Flange ball valves
  • Intermediate flange ball valves
  • Weld-on ball valves
  • Nipple ball valves

Habermann Aurum Pumpen GmbH keeps a comprehensive range of ball valves available for various task solutions, whether they are ball valves with metal and soft seals, with floating balls or ball studs. They can be used with pure, contaminated, neutral, corrosive, liquid and gaseous media.
The operation of the ball valves can occur with the aid of a manual gearbox, electric or pneumatic actuator. Upon request by the customer, it is possible to combine ball valves with actuators from any desired foreign manufacturers. 

Technical data

А, nach DIN EN 12266
15mm, 800mm