We are a supplier of customised or made-to-order slurry pumps and standardised water and wastewater pumps and valves for all conceivable applications. Our products are up-to-date on the latest technology and highly regarded worldwide for their reliability and quality.



Pumps are our core business. Whether the pump is standard or custom made, we are experts for all pumping technologies. We understand your requirements as our challenges. We will find a suitable pump execution for every application. Please get acquainted with our pump types in the areas of slurry, water and chemical pumps.



Habermann Aurum Pumpen is also your competent partner in the field of valves. We find the right solution for all equipment and applications. We take into account all key parameters, ranging from size, material, and up to the external conditions such as heat, sand, or degree of load.




"Habermann Aurum Pumpen GmbH" has developed a large range of cutter suction dredgers with a hydro-dredging system. The main features of the dredgers are the versatile modular design and the use of innovative technology.