The long-term operational safety of your production plant is the central focus of our consultancy. We know which of our  pumps is particularly resilient and reliable for the respective application and will ensure the optimal design of your pump system.

Blast furnaces
Cooling water transport
Process water
Sinter and scale deposits
Closed cooling run process
Hot rolling mills
Fire extinguishing pumps
There's nothing here Perhaps new elements will be added here soon, but for now there is nothing here :(
Сontact us We are here for you to advice regarding all questions about pumping technology. Having analysed your application characteristics, we will develop an appropriate solution for you. Contact us!
Harpener Heide 14, 44805 Bochum, Germany +49 234 / 893570-0
Harpener Heide 14, 44805 Bochum, Germany +49 234 / 893570-0
Harpener Heide 14, 44805 Bochum, Germany +49 234 / 893570-59
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