Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel, particularly quartz gravel and quartz sand, are two of the most important raw mineral materials for modern industrial society.
It is not always identifiable at first glance, however, these components are essential for manufacturing many of the products that surround us every day.

Not only the building materials industry, construction industry and construction chemicals industry require sand and gravel products for manufacturing concrete precast parts, transport concrete, asphalt, sand-lime brick or aerated concrete blocks, mortar and screed. 
Materials, which are urgently required for maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure, homes and our industry. (incomplete sentence)
Sand and gravel products also form a production basis in many other branches of industry, such as in the glass, paint, varnish and paper industries, in foundries for the production of precision cast parts, in pharmaceuticals and plastics manufacturing.
Furthermore, they are used as a filter medium for clean water. Particularly pure quartz sands are the key basis for microelectronic components and solar technology.

All in all, sands and gravels are highly interesting and essential raw materials for humanity. 
Our highly wear-resistant and long-lasting pumps are used for the extraction and processing of these raw materials and help ensure an efficient supply.
In subsequent further processing of sand and gravel, our pumps have also firmly established their place in the manufacturing processes.


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