Double eccentric butterfly valves for water, waste water and aggressive media.

areas of application


Recently, double eccentric butterfly valves have been encountered more and more frequently in the pipeline valves market. Double eccentric butterfly valves can be used as a shut-off valve, as well as a control valve.  
In contrast to the centric designs, the shift of the rotational axis of housing shaft with this version is in two planes. This achieves reduced friction between the seal and the valve housing. In turn, this situation has a positive impact on the service life of such valves.  
Butterfly valves with a double eccentric design are used in industrial systems for supplying water. Such valves are very often used in mining and processing operations.  
As a working medium, liquids and gases can be used, which are not aggressive in relation to the valve materials with an operating temperature of up to 150 °C.  
Depending on the type of working medium and the operating conditions, our engineers will recommend the appropriate materials to you for the seal. The following seals are available to choose from:

  • EPDM
  • NBR
  • FMP (Viton)
  • Silicone  

As housing material in this valve design, high-tensile cast iron is used with nodular graphite or steel.  
As an actuator, we can offer you the following pneumatic actuators with one-way and bi-directional action with various connections: regulating positioner, solenoid valve, limit switches or electric actuator, hand crank and handwheel.

Technical data

А, nach DIN EN 12266
50mm, 3000mm