Gate valve for industrial application

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Gate valve
Gate valve
Gate valve
Gate valve

Gate valves from Habermann Aurum pumps are mainly intended for water supply, both for industry and for the supply of the population.

The body of the gate valves is made of nodular cast iron with an epoxy coating at least 250 microns thick. The epoxy coating safely protects the gate valve body from the outside effect. 

The main advantage of gate valves is low flow resistance. Gate valves have equally simple construction and are easy to maintain and operate. 

It is important to consider weight and size when choosing gate valve. Because gate valves are characterized by their outline size and the resulting mass.

According to your needs, we can offer you different designs of gate valves:

  • Gate valves with flat body
  • Gate valves with oval housing
  • Gate valves with round body
  • Gate valves with external or internal stem thread
  • Gate valves with a rubber wedge

Gate valves are usually operated by a handwheel or an electric actuator. On request, we can offer butterfly valves with pneumatic, hydraulic actuator or manual reducer. 

If you need additional information about gate valves, please feel free to contact us.

Technical data

А, nach DIN EN 12266
40mm, 1600mm