Centrifugal pumps with end suction for various applications

areas of application

  • Steel industry

    Cooling water transport
  • Water & Wastewater

    Pumping stations, Rainwater processing plants, Wastewater disposal and processing, Water extraction, Water supply, Water treatment plants

The Aurum end suction circuit pumps are standard pumps according to ISO 9908 and DIN 24255. The pumps are available with different types of soft packings and mechanical seals. Wear rings can be fitted according to the required application. The pumps of this series are driven by 2, 4, 6 or 8 pole electric motors or diesel engines.

Materials available: cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex steel.

For larger capacities that exceed ISO and DIN standards, we can supply our end suction pumps in both horizontal and vertical designs.

These pumps can be customized with various types of packings and mechanical seals and wear rings to meet the customer's needs and project requirements.

Technical data

up to 6.000 m3/h
up to 160m Bar