About the project
***, Temirtau, Kazakhstan Custom-designed large diameter valves

Habermann Aurum Pumpen has contributed significantly to the successful implementation of a new BF gas pipeline by providing large diameter valves of up to 3000 mm in size. The valves were custom-designed and manufactured to meet the project specifications, which included a Class A leakage rate and operating in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Although it was a challenging task, we were able to successfully produce valves that functioned well under these extreme conditions. The primary objective of the project was to build up a new BF gas pipeline.

Project Summary
Technical details & challenges The delivery of the large valves presented a significant challenge due to their height of 5.6 meters, which did not comply with road regulations. Additionally, commissioning the pipeline and adjusting the valves during the winter period, with actual temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, was also a challenging task. However, our engineers were able to successfully manage these difficulties and complete the project.
Our solution To transport the DN 3000 valves, we had to create a custom transportation frame that would allow for horizontal positioning during transit. For the DN 2200 valves, a special route was developed to avoid any obstacles such as bridges and wires. In addition, to ensure the safe transportation of our goods, a special traffic police car was assigned to support the delivery process.
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Used equipment Double disc gate valves DN 500-2500 mm
Open frame rotary goggle valves DN 1800-3000 mm
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Harpener Heide 14, 44805 Bochum, Germany +49 234 / 893570-0 info@aurumpumpen.de
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