Series N

Seal-less armoured pump with its own pump sump

areas of application

  • Tunnel construction and civil engineering

    Aerated concrete, Bentonite, cement batching, Chalk slurries, Kaolin, clay, Micro-tunnel construction, Sand & gravel, Sand industry, Slate, marble, granite, Transport concrete
  • Chemical Industry

    Aggressive chemicals, Fertilisers, PO4, Foaming suspensions, Pigments, Sediments, soda, Separation, SO4, chloride
  • Processing & Mining

    Animal waste, Biogas, Ceramic, glass cut-outs, Coal/ ore / phosphates / potash/ bauxite, Fe, Zn, Cu, Ti, Salt, Al, etc., Fibrous slurry, Flotation and foam medium, Heavy mining slurries, Iron oxide production, Mill discharge and separation, Thickener underflows, Waste recycling
  • Energy Management

    Ash transport, Coal and coke processing, Condensate, Flue gas desulphurisation
  • Sugar industry

    Biogas, fertiliser, Organic slurries, Washing plants, Wastewater treatment plants
  • Steel industry

    Blast furnaces, Hot rolling mills, Process water, Sinter and scale deposits
  • Sand & Gravel

    Extraction, Mineral processing, Water retention, Wet processing

This special design of a pump with its own pump sump is used wherever air inclusions in the medium prevail, foaming suspensions are pumped, or discontinuous inflow conditions occur.

Through the formation of a cyclone, gas bubbles are separated from the fluid mixture due to centrifugal forces and the solid-liquid mixture is pushed towards the tank wall, allowing the pumping fluid to be pumped evenly without gas blockages.

The inlet tanks can be designed in different materials, an inner coating e.g. rubber lining is also possible. The selection of materials and the geometry of the inlet tank will be adapted individually to the pumping medium and the operating conditions.

The N model series offeres several advantages at once:

  • Cantilever shaft, so that no shaft sealing is required
  • Tank volumes of up to 2.5 m³ can be manufactured for the pump sump
  • Version as a metallic or elastically lined pump is offered optionally
  • This seal-less, vertical pump has its own pump sump. The bearing and actuator are dry installed.
  • The inlet of the pump is placed from the shaft side, so that it discharges every flow up to the designed and calculated quantity (discontinuous inlet).
  • The pumping of gaseous and foaming suspensions is no problem.
  • The tilt of the tank is adapted to the type of transported solids. 

We offer exclusively rectangular-shaped tanks.

Technical data

up to 1.400 m3/h
Förderhöhe, einstufig
up to 50 m.FI.S
up to 2.000 min-1
DN32 - DN300
Maximaler Betriebsdruck
10 Bar
Temperatur der Flüssigkeit