Processing & Mining

Our long-lasting solid material pumps reliably pump diverse solid-liquid mixtures in mining, from wastewaters, to mineral slurries, filter press slurries, flotation foams, suspensions or processing residues. For our HPK, NPK or KVKM model series, these frequently challenging media are no problem, as the highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pumps have proven themselves excellently in the pumping of abrasive/corrosive media.


Iron oxide production
Fe, Zn, Cu, Ti, Salt, Al, etc.
Mill discharge and separation
Flotation and foam medium
Waste recycling
Thickener underflows
Chamber filter press loading
Ore slurries
Coal/ ore / phosphates / potash/ bauxite
Heavy mining slurries
Slurry and sump pumps
Fibrous slurry
Filter press loading
Ceramic, glass cut-outs
Mining slurries
Animal waste