Series HPK

Pump with elastic lining of all hydraulic parts getting into contact with the medium

areas of application

  • Tunnel construction and civil engineering

    Aerated concrete, Bentonite, cement batching, Chalk slurries, Cyclone feed, Kaolin, clay, Sand & gravel, Sand industry, Slate, marble, granite
  • Chemical Industry

    Aggressive chemicals, Fertilisers, PO4, Foaming suspensions, Pigments, Sediments, soda, Separation, SO4, chloride, Waste recycling
  • Energy Management

    Ash transport, Coal and coke processing, Condensate, Flue gas desulphurisation
  • Sugar industry

    Biogas, fertiliser, Organic slurries, Washing plants, Wastewater treatment plants
  • Steel industry

    Blast furnaces, Hot rolling mills, Sinter and scale deposits
  • Processing & Mining

    Ceramic, glass cut-outs, Chamber filter press loading, Fe, Zn, Cu, Ti, Salt, Al, etc., Fibrous slurry, Filter press loading, Flotation and foam medium, Iron oxide production, Mill discharge and separation, Ore slurries, Slurry and sump pumps, Thickener underflows, Waste recycling
  • Sand & Gravel

    Mineral processing, Water retention, Wet processing
HPK Pumpe

Highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant armoured pumps for pumping fluid-solid mixtures.

The centrifugal pumps of the HPK series have a replaceable elastic lining made of polyurethane or rubber. All components that come into contact with medium made of elastic, non-metallic materials are individually selected according to the requirements in the material quality.

Elastic materials take advantage of the so-called “trampoline effect”, so that they have major advantages in their wear behaviour, in comparison to metallic cast materials. A lining made of metal or mineral casting is also possible for this pump series.

HPK pumps are preferably used with abrasive or corrosive media with a maximum particle size of 5 mm (in special cases, up to 10 mm).

The pumps are equipped with easily replaceable wear parts and easy adjustable suction gap. The replaceable wear plates are screwed together with the metallic outer housing. The inner housing, which is also replaceable, is inserted loosely.

Technical data

up to 4.600 m3/h
Förderhöhe, einstufig
up to 70 m.FI.S
up to 2.950 min-1
DN32 - DN500
Maximaler Betriebsdruck
10 - 40 Bar
Temperatur der Flüssigkeit
Korrosionsbeständigkeit bei PH
0 - 14