Series V300/V320/V340

Vertical slurry pump for gas and foaming medium and discontinuous inlet

areas of application

  • Tunnel construction and civil engineering

    Aerated concrete, Bentonite, cement batching, Chalk slurries, Kaolin, clay, Micro-tunnel construction, Sand & gravel, Sand industry, Slate, marble, granite, Transport concrete, Vertical bores (land and sea)
  • Chemical Industry

    Aggressive chemicals, Fertilisers, PO4, Foaming suspensions, Pigments, Sediments, soda, Separation, SO4, chloride, Waste recycling
  • Sugar industry

    Beet pulp, Organic slurries, Washing plants, Wastewater treatment plants
  • Steel industry

    Blast furnaces, Cooling water transport, Hot rolling mills, Sinter and scale deposits
  • Processing & Mining

    Ceramic, glass cut-outs, Coal/ ore / phosphates / potash/ bauxite, Fe, Zn, Cu, Ti, Salt, Al, etc., Flotation and foam medium, Mining slurries, Ore slurries, Separation, Slurry and sump pumps, Waste recycling
  • Sand & Gravel

    Extraction, Mineral processing, Water retention, Wet processing

The models V320 and V340 are particularly suitable for gaseous or foaming medium and discontinuous inflow e.g. in digesting processes.

The V model series benefits from our modular structure. The hydraulic parts correspond to those of the HPK, NPK and NPW solids pump series. The pumps can be designed as metallic pumps, as well as with elastomer lining.

Main features:

  • Seal-less model, therefore no suspension dilution
  • Dry installation of the bearing and the motor
  • Suitable for high solids concentrations and aggressive media
  • Very high corrosion resistance (pH 0-14)
  • Shaft length up to 1.800 mm
  • The installation depth can be increased by extending the suction pipe (up to 2.500 mm)

Typical applications for the V320 and V340 model series:

  • Flotations
  • Digesting processes
  • Discontinuous inflows
  • Sand industry & mineral processing
  • Flue gas desulphurisation
  • Steel mills or hot-rolling mills

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Technical data

up to 1.400 m3/h
Förderhöhe, einstufig
up to 50 m.FI.S
up to 2.000 min-1
DN32 - DN300
Maximaler Betriebsdruck
10 Bar
Temperatur der Flüssigkeit
Korrosionsbeständigkeit bei PH
0 - 14
H500 - H1800